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Latest reviews for Mickel Handyman Service 5/5.0 stars (26 reviews)

Jason is a professional. That's what we are all looking for. Bottom line.
His experience will leave your property looking better than it ever has.
His dedication to fairness will leave you totally satisfied. Making sure costs leaves everyone happy.

He worked day and night on my project to get it finished to my liking. If was ALL ABOUT ME and it will be all about you.
His phone number is now one of my most vital pieces of information.
I wish there were 5 more stars to give. For you that may think we are related ?? I wish

Thanks again Jason
I had some boards on my chimney that the raccoons had pulled off. I called Mickel and they came out to give me a quote. They said that they could replace the whole frame with hardy plank and within my budget. They did the job that day and also trimmed some tree limbs off my roof and cleaned my gutters at no extra charge. The job was done way better than I expected. I was very satisfied and will use them for all my handyman services. I will also recommend them to anyone who asks for a handyman service.
Mickel Handyman Services are amazing. Came and not only fixed a problem on our roof quickly, they even did a few extra touches like trimming the trees back where they were hitting the roof, without charging extra. They were friendly and did an awesome job and my family will definitely be hiring them again for our future handyman needs.
Simple as can be. My roof leaked, I called Mickel for a quote. The roof no longer leaks, the work came in under bid, on time, and I am one happy customer.
Mickel handyman service was a total life saver, they came on very short notice, performed quality work, gave helpful advice, were courteous...I can’t praise them enough! In the end, the work they performed was less than they estimated, which was definitely a break I needed at this particular moment. Jason and his partner even did some extra finishing touches in other areas, that weren’t initially discussed, but still charged less than his estimate. Honest, helpful, professional, and even funny. I will definitely keep his number handy for all my future handyman needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys came thru and saved the day.
Needed the old dish from the roof removed, no longer using the service. Mickel service came out, made the perfect recommendation for the removal of the dish on the roof. Professional job and would definitely recommend and use them in the future.
I'm pleased with their services and very professional and courteous. The work was done in a timely manner and very efficient. I highly recommend them to whomever needs services done in their home.
Mickel services are outstanding. My husband is a perfectionist and this is the only service he will use. After (4) different companies, this was the only one who consistently meets his standards. I would trust them in my home alone. They always try to accommodate our crazy schedules & never a hesitation on flexibility. Plus, their sense of humor, speediness to complete the job, never a spec of a mess afterwards. They can do everything, indoors and outdoors. We highly recommend Mickel Services, one job with them, you’ll never use another handyman service.
Jason has been helping us renovate a home built in 1885 in San Antonio TX. We have run into one issue after another but Jason is a real trooper. He is managing to repair and rejuvenate the home even with unforeseen obstacles! He is an amazing expert on all types of issues. Honest and reliable too...a SUPER handyman!
I'm very grateful for Jason who came to help me out on a Sunday afternoon when my plumbing company cancelled on me and I was trying to keep my tenants happy. Even though it wasn't an emergency, it's difficult when you are trying to schedule around other peoples schedules. Jason didn't hesitate for a second, offered to come take care of the situation right then! Not only did he take care of putting in a new disposal but also fixed the dead bolts for both doors. I truly appreciated his quick response and his honesty. I have work to do at my own home and will be calling on Jason to do the work, he has integrity and is a hard worker. Wants to do things right and is not looking to take advantage. If you need a handyman that is more than just a handyman, call Jason.
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