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Sheet metal, on my roof and over the patio cover, came loose in these gusting winds. It sounded like the entire roof was going to fly off. It was after 5pm, I called Mickel Handyman Services, praying for him to be available. Without hesitation, he said yes, give me an hour. And in an hour, he arrived, in the dark, formulated a plan, executed the repair in 35 mi an hour cold winds, and charged me a very reasonable price to boot!! Am I impressed? Absolutely! Will use him again? Absolutely.
Jason was excellent. Quick and efficient. Good price. And my door moves more freely than it has in 18 years.
Jason has been a true lifesaver since we moved to San Antonio. He has provided several services for us including: installation of a dryer vent, re-tiling our fireplace, pumping out rainwater from our crawl space, and making secure doors for our crawl space entrances. He is removing and replacing our kitchen backsplash and we can't wait! We highly suggest him for any construction or handyman service you may need.
Great service on time efficient and effective. I loved the services they provided.
Very honest, stayed until the job was completed. We had a project (kitchen island with sink, dishwasher, plumbing and electrical) which had ready to assemble cabinets with flimsy plastic bases, he built a wooden structure to anchor the cabinets to instead of the flimsy bases the cabinets came with. We got a much better product than we had hoped for. He did an excellent job. Have used 4 contractors in the past that have stolen from us and have given us subpar work. We will definitely hire Jason for future projects, his workmanship is outstanding! Was very thorough and went above and beyond to ensure the job was done right. Couldn't be happier. Thank you Mickel Handyman Service!!!!
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